AUM Mastering & Production is located in Narangba Qld, and specialises in high quality Mastering & Production services using World Class Ears and really cool Audio gear.




AUM Mastering & Production offers full recording services.  From Studio multitracking to location/remote live events.

AUM Mastering uses Lush & Taramalin Studios for band and drum tracking sessions

or Wagwurst Studio for budget sensitive productions. 

The Narangba studio can accomodate singer/ songwriters for tracking




AUM Mastering & Production offers multitrack mixing/remixing of your previously recorded files.  Sessions up to 192k are accepted.

Mixing can be done in Protools, Logic, Samplitude or Mixbus DAWS.

Analog mixing is available at Lush, Taramalin & Wagwurst Studios.





AUM Mastering & Production offers

high resolution mastering for the Digital, Vinyl and online medium.

Mastering is done at the Narangba studio.